About Smart Cards

"Key to the global village", that is how the Smart Card has been described. Smart Cards will bring big changes to the way people provide and receive information and the way they spend money. They will have a profound impact on retailing and service delivery. A Smart Card is like an "electronic wallet". It is a standard credit card-sized plastic intelligent token within which a microchip has been embedded within its body and which makes it 'smart'. It provides not only memory capacity, but computational capability as well and thus the chip is capable of processing data.

It has gold contacts that allow other devices to communicate with it. This chip holds a variety of information, from stored (monetary) value used for retail and vending machines to secure information and applications for higher-end operations such as medical/healthcare records. New information and applications can be added depending on the chip capabilities. Smart Cards can store several hundred times more data than a conventional card with a magnetic stripe and can be programmed to reveal only the relevant information. For example, it could tell a device in a store that there is sufficient balance in an account to pay for a transaction without revealing the balance amount. The marriage between a convenient plastic card and a microprocessor allows information to be stored, accessed and processed either online or offline. Therefore, unlike the read-only plastic card, the processing power of Smart Cards gives them the versatility needed to make payments, to configure your cell phones, TVs and video players and to connect to your computers via telephone, satellite or the Internet anytime, anywhere in the world.

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Smart ID Cards
S.No Software Name Download
1. Smart ERP
2. ACR38 Smart Card Reader
3. ACR38K Smart Keyboard
4. ACR120 Contactless Smart Card Reader
5. ACR122 NFC Contactless Smart Card Reader
6. ACR128 DualBoost Contactless Smart Card Reader
7. Balance Readers
8. SCR331
9. SCR335