Government and Public Relationships (GPR)

In a Large and heterogeneous society like India, the relationship between the government and the public should be very effective to make India a successfull democratic country.

In day to day life we see people facing problems in fields like Education, Job, Food, Road, Transport and Law & Order etc. These problems has to be dealt and taken care by the government. Though the government is taking high measures in order to resolve the problem of public in many ways, due to lack of proper communication between the government and the public , the government is not able to fulfill the people?s needs.

On Line Polling through Biometric:

• Conduct Elections through online with Biometric Technology,thus reducing the burden of the Election commission.
• The Public can exercise their Election Polling through Biometric Technology from any corner of the Country through Online.
• The expenditure of the Election Commission for conducting the election would be greatly reduced.
• Duplication is not possible through Finger Print Technology.
• Election Result can be declared instantaneously.

Mahatmavin Makkal Iyakkam(MMI) is a Trust started in March 2006 with the sole dedication and a pure vision to serve the people.The aims and ambitions of starting this trust are for the upliftment of the downtrodden and those who are in the poverty line struggling hard for the minimum survival even.